360° Coaching & Counseling, LLC (360 coaching and counseling alternative lifestyles, 360 coaching and counseling sex therapy, licensed professional counselor) is dedicated to creating a liberal environment; an environment where our clients will work to achieve optimal levels of personal accomplishment.  Our mission is to cultivate a strong working relationship that is harmonious with client goals allowing clients to see tangible, positive, lasting results.  We encourage and motivate clients to take challenging problems and find creative and satisfying solutions.

This is done by assisting you, the client to Recognize  that you are not where you would like to be, Realize the steps that need to be taken to get there, and Recreate  the you of your past, to be the you of your future.

Our motto is:  Recognize, Realize………….Recreate!


Our vision is to passionately help our clients discover the unlimited potential in themselves.


*Honest & ethical treatment

*Compassion, acceptance, respect, and understanding

*Embracing diversity in all forms

Thank you,

Diana Ryan

*Therapy Clients Only: Currently accepting CIGNA,  BCBS, and Magellan (please provide insurance information so that coverage can be verified prior to appointments).

Recognize, Realize……….Recreate!