Counseling (Therapy):

Individual & Group

Individual counseling focuses on dealing with and healing emotional pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or in a relationship.  The therapeutic process uses techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy.  Cognitive and behavioral techniques are goal oriented, time limited, direct and structured to allow the client a chance at reaching their goals.

Group counseling will also focus on dealing with and healing emotional pain.  Clients will dedicate themselves to the process of change and growth.  The strategies addressing wellness, development, personal growth, and pathology.

When additional services are needed (In-patient Mental health treatment)

When experiencing any of the following symptoms please visit the nearest treatment facility.

  • Suicidal (the desire to harm-self)
  • Homicidal (the desire to harm others)
  • Active hallucinations or delusions that would lead to self-harm and/or harm of others
  • Severe eating or substance abuse disorder requiring medical intervention
  • Severe disorientation in person, place, or time

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