Stuck in a Rut

What happens when you have momentum in a project or job that you are working on and then hit a wall or even when you have been doing a task the same way for so long that you no longer see all your options and become “Stuck in a Rut”?   It happens to the best of us and overcoming  it can lead to some really creative new avenues or approaches to your project or job.  The first step is to admit that you are stuck (not just to yourself, although its a start).  Let those around you know that you have hit a wall in your process and then…..wait for it……brainstorm!  At times I have hated to brainstorm because I thought some of the ideas would sound dumb, but I’ve learned that sometimes what I thought was a dumb idea lead to innovative solutions to my problem.   When you brainstorm (this process works better with more than one person) you throw out all possibilities that come to mind, whatever pops into your head goes on your “brainstorm board”.  This process works best if you write-it-down, when you are with your friends and an idea pops up, write it down, or in the middle of the night a thought or idea comes, write it down and you can add all of these ideas to your board later.

The next step in your brainstorming process begins once you have exhausted any and every possible idea to overcome your block and they are all written on your “brainstorming board” you categorize them.  Start with two simple columns of (what I have control of) and (need others to implement).  Everything on your board goes into one of your columns.  Take a deep breath because we are gaining speed now.  Then you want to whittle down your options in both columns rejecting what will not work or doesn’t make sense.  Now rank order your top items starting with what you can do now, what you can do alone, and with minimal cost, try to give yourself three to five options.

Next Wednesday we will talk about next steps, bye for now.